Day 2 Lyons la Foret

Be he kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

Ephesians 4:32

King Henry Ist(1068-1135) of England is credited for the existing Royal market town as he wanted the center of the town at the gates of his castle. A site occupied by this covered market. The church was a good walk away.

Chroniclers of the time say that Henry Ist of England who became Duke of Normandy died of indigestion in Lyons’ Castle. He had apparently eaten lamprey, an ancient extant lineage of jawless fish, from the Royal fish pond.

There is a pleasant walk to the church where part of the village still is. Lyon la Foret is situated in one of the oldest and largest forests in Normandy.
The Church of Saint Denis in heavy rain with the grave yard in the foreground and a very wet Bess. Unfortunately the church was locked.
This was probably Charles IX’s hunting lodge in the 16th century. It is built on the outer walls of Lyon. The stone, silex and flint decorations with sculpted elements make this facade overlooking the valley a textured beauty.
The Benserade House (17th -18th century)This is the house Isaac de Benserade, the most famous poet of LouisXIV, was born in. The frontage is composed of bricks, stones and timber frame.

A beautiful village with amazing changing skies and weather.

I am not what I ought to be. I am not what I hope to be. But still, I am not what I used to be. And by the grace of God , I am what I am.

John Newton.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 Lyons la Foret

  1. Interesting architecture. Looks like there are people living behind some of those doors. Must be strange to live there. Hope the weather behaves now.
    I do so wish I could be more of what I ought to be… xx


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