Aloe Vera and Sedum plants with a sharp shadow

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face : now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

1Corinthians 13 : 12
Early morning sun shadow. Showing the small leaves of Sedum Rupesta and sharply defined Aloe Vera in a terracotta pot.
The plant in green. This arrangement is the result of dividing my Alo Vera growing in the kitchen.
Aloe Vera likes to be planted in half sand half soil with a good watering either when dry or if you like a time then every two weeks. The roots rot if they are wet all the time and the leaves go yellow if it has too much water. It is a desert plant and likes to dry out fully. I have brought the outdoor Aloe Vera in because freezing temperatures kill the leaves and frozen soil kills the roots. It is well known that the cut leaves produce a gel that soothes sunburn and when applied topically can be used on mild burns to relieve redness.
Shadow of Angelina on the terracotta pot with Sedum Spurious Tricolour looking over the edge.
This Sedum Angelina is used as ground cover in our garden . Here it is with the brown leaves of season change scattered on it here and there. Angelina goes from green to bright golden to orange and makes a statement. In Summer Angelina has star-shaped yellow flowers and drapes over stone walls. For this reason it is good in hanging baskets and containers.
Sedum Spurious Tricolour so called because each green leaf is edged in pink and white an eye catching combination. Tiny, star – shaped, pink flowers come out in the spring and early summer. In the picture is a dry summer remains of a flower stalk lying across the little leaves. Like most Sedum, Angelina and Tricolour are easy to propagate. I use them in many places in the garden where I prefer not to have weeds. They like sun or bright indirect light with well drained soil.
I have used pebbles to bring up the inside level.
Details of the leafage. Aloe Vera with white streaks and serrated edge. Pink and white edged rosettes of Tricolour and Angelina with little fingers of green poking out at right angles.

Mysteries to Be Unfolded in Heaven.

But many mysteries yet remain unrevealed. How much that acknowledged to be truth is mysterious and unexplainable to the human mind! How dark seem the dispensations of Providence! What necessity there is for implicit faith and trust in God’s moral government! We are ready to say with Paul, ” How unsearchable are his judgements, and His ways past finding out!”

EG White. Signs of the Times Jan 30, 1912

4 thoughts on “Aloe Vera and Sedum plants with a sharp shadow

  1. Interested to see you have an aloe there! Our garden is mostly aloes of various sorts. Last summer too much rain caused several to develop disease.
    Longing for the day when we will see things as they are…


  2. Thanks for the wonderful journey with you into your childhood…
    Thanks also for the beautiful displays in your small vases. The colours so in tune with one another are a delight.


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