Tassels, Lambs-ear and Cardoon Thistle.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance.

2Peter 1: 2
3 Tassels, a few stalks of lamb’s -ear, a Cardoon in flower (thistle)
and bud, 3 onion flowers
The flower was heavy to stand upright. It weghed 70g. The stem support on the plant must be robust to carry 4 flowers, at different stages, on one main stem that branches out at 2m.
I used oasis on the spikes then pushed the thistle stem through onto the spikes. This made it stable.

I like to keep as many of my flowers in the garden for the bees so the 4 Cardoon thistles have been used in different ways in my flower displays. At the moment I have 8 Cardoon thistle flowers in various stages on the same well established plant outside. Their honey smell is already attracting the bees.

The flower head of the Cardoon has no ray flowers.
The flowering( bolting ) onion has small individual flowers.

The corn tassels come from plants blown over in our windy weather. The silks on the cobs have gone brown and I am supporting the plants in the hope that the kernels will develop to the milk stage. They are at the blister stage at the moment. I have grown these plants from seed and I hope I will have 14 cobs. Some say you should get the water boiling and then go and pick the cob. I live in hope.

The reproductive stages of Sweet Corn
Bess spent some time chewing the corn leaves while I was busy.
Store and reuse plant material.

Where the will of God leads you, the grace of God will keep you.


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