Queen Anne’s lace (lines) and oil poppy heads (circles).

Say yes and mean yes,

Say no and mean no!

Matthew 5 : 37 (Sandy’s understanding. Simple to say but hard to do.)
Yesterday’s snow held
on seed heads.
Burnt orange leaves clinging to the trees in the distance.
A small section of Popeswood meadow as it was all last week.
Warm air has now come in.
Today it is raining .
Where there was once snow,
water makes surfaces shine.
These foetudissima / stinking iris seed pods have just been brought inside.
A joy in red.
White lines delicately drawn
then on other stones blurred.
A backdrop of shades of grey with a little tan.
Lines holding stems
ending in a circle of lines
making an elegant cluster of seedless stalks
from this summer’s
Queen Anne’s lace.

I say lines exist to simplify and as Leonardo da Vinci says:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

How often I heard these words while growing up:

One has to draw the line somewhere…this time I have to say no…

There is a fine line between…genius and madness…

blur the lines…rules are there to keep you safe, don’t fall through the ice…

Circles, curves and lines

The whole universe is based on rhythms. Everything happens in circles, in spirals.

John Hartford (1937-2001 American folk, country and bluegrass composer and musician.)

“Try not to complicate your life by attaching yourself in a circle of people who would dare to influence you to engage in self – destructive decisions and actions. ”


“Keep your circle small with positive minded individuals who only come to grow with you, and not take advantage of you. “

Edmond Mbiako (American self- help writer.)

Simplicity is the most difficult thing to secure in this world; it is the last limit of experience and the last limit of genius.

George Sand a pen name for a French woman with a very long real name Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin de Francueil. She was one of the most popular writers in Europe in her life time 1804-1876)
All this in a glass cube of dried stuff
with sand and stone from a beach
from our world
called Earth.

Lines and circles,

thin and blurred,

Simply draw.

Layers of how you want to be.

Thank you for thinking with me.

Sandy 🙂

One thought on “Queen Anne’s lace (lines) and oil poppy heads (circles).

  1. What a wonderful, thoughtful post. Yes, we must keep drawing ourselves. A perfect message for this time of year. What will we draw for the next year? How might we use lines and curves to change the course or trajectory of our lives?


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