Memories from my life as a child in South Africa: Work, money and a family move.

Work makes the world go round. No, that is not what we say. Money makes the world go round, that is the saying we know but it was a move that saved our family and changed our world.

My father and mother were both nurses. There were no wealthy relatives in the wings. Mum was doing private nursing so she could be more flexible in her care for us. Dad was working in a hospital dedicated to the care of miners. Men working underground were bound to have things go wrong. Dad enjoyed his work but wanted a change.

He decided to take up selling books. Dad had chosen to sell the books we girls loved. They were a set of ten books covering most of the main stories in the Bible with colourful pictures. We could tell these stories easily by just looking at the pictures. Then he had a few adult books Desire of Ages, Great Controversy , Ministry of Healing and a very small book Steps to Christ.

I remember he turned the small bedroom into an office and was methodical in keeping cards with the names of people in alphabetical order, their phone numbers and addresses. He was meticulous in his approach. I remember how we helped him pack the boot of the VW Beetle with books he was going to deliver(the boot was in the front of the car where normally the engine sits). It was just a few months into this new venture and he was selling large numbers. He earned far more than he had ever earned as a nurse. This did not change our simple life much, it just meant he saved a whole lot more. He was soon noticed and asked to teach others for a salary. This is where mum became unhappy. He would stay away sometimes for a week at a time teaching others and she hated being alone with us. This lasted a while but then they decided we should all have a holiday.

You are right if you thought we went back to what was then called Rhodesia. That was when I saw Bonzo again both sets of my grandparents and many of my aunts, uncles and cousins. Dad also went to see his nursing colleagues again and they were so pleased they offered him a job he had enjoyed in the past. They even included the money needed for our move. Dad accepted.

My mum was so happy. Happy wife, happy life.(?)

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.

Zen Shin


I am so pleased that the oak trees of Popes Meadow have withstood the battering of storm Eunice. This picture was taken this afternoon.

7 thoughts on “Memories from my life as a child in South Africa: Work, money and a family move.

  1. Wow Sandy very inspiring story. It shows what wonderful caring parents are. Always putting family first. Thank you Sandy for sharing your life story with us. Hope you have a beautiful blessed day! 🙂🙏🤗

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  2. I’d forgotten so much of that! That holiday changed our world for the better. I remember how wonderful it was moving back to Bulawayo. Thank you for the memories.

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